What kind of transport robots “Bogomol” and “Platforma-MUL” created in Russia?

In Russia created two new robots — “Mantis” and “Platform-MULE”. These complexes are designed to transport wounded soldiers and transport ammunition, respectively. The developers report that the “Mantis” has a military bias, "Platform-MULE" more designed specifically for transportation. 


The robot, which is more like a machine, has room for a stretcher and additional equipment can be placed on it. What exactly is meant by it is not entirely clear. On the one hand, given the appointment in the form of transporting the wounded, these can be medical devices, for example, ventilators or operating tables. On the other hand, since the developers directly announced the combat bias of the robot, there may be simple weapons, for example, a machine gun. 

There is also a turret, a kind of turret that can be removed and replaced with another stretcher or a container for various things. Its carrying capacity is 150 kilograms, that is, two people of average build or one person and various types of equipment can fit there. In fact, this is not so much & nbsp; and even little, given that the wounded must be accompanied by a doctor. However, the idea of ​​the engineers is not yet fully understood, so it's worth waiting for the next presentation, perhaps something will become clearer. 

The robot is able to overcome water obstacles, has a GPS system. It is armored with Br4 class protection, it protects against 7.62 caliber bullets.

MUL platform 

Most likely, the platform is arranged roughly like the Praying Mantis, but with some differences in characteristics. This complex is capable of carrying up to 200 kg of cargo. It is more durable due to the presence of protective side plates, but because of this it is heavier and develops a speed of no more than 25 km/h. 

Additional use

The developers explained that new items can be used as launch pads for medium-sized drones. In particular, it will be possible to launch kamikaze drones and rescue equipment from them. Also, for example, a mobile repeater or other communication equipment can be installed on the complexes. 

Source: https://tass.ru

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