What new archival documents about Hitler were declassified by the FSB of the Russian Federation?

The FSB declassified the investigation file of the personal pilot of the leader of Nazi Germany Adolf Hitler— SS Gruppenfuehrer and Police Lieutenant General Hans Baur. The commander of the Fuhrer Squadron was detained and captured on May 2, 1945 in Berlin.

“Documents from the department of the FSB of Russia in Novgorod Region of the investigative file on G. Baura are published for the first time», — clarified in the FSB.

The following documents were made public: a certificate of the arrested Baur dated December 13, 1945 from the Butyrka prison, his autobiography and handwritten testimony translated into Russian. As well as a personal photo with Hitler seized during the arrest.

What did Hans Baur say during the interrogation?

Baur witnessed the last days of the Nazi leader spent in                       

In his testimony, it is said that until mid-April 1945, Hitler's inner circle unsuccessfully tried to persuade him to leave Berlin. At the same time, the Fuhrer's close associates, who were with him in the bunker, did not know until the last moment about his intentions to commit suicide.

How did Hitler behave during the war and before his death?

According to Baur, even before settling in the Führerbunker, Hitler began to suspect his inner circle (Goebels, Goering, Bormannand others) in & nbsp; treason. So, from the end of 1943, he refused lunches and dinners at the common table. By the end of 1944, a mood of mutual distrust prevailed in the leadership of the “Third Reich”.

“Hitler stopped eating at the common table, as there was a suspicion that there was a traitor among the inner circle, and individual statements at the table became public. It was established that the facts known to the closest circle of people became known to the enemy intelligence, — he said.

In 1945, Hitler became even more distant from the encirclement. He became withdrawn & nbsp; and spent all the time in his shelter. During the day, he went out into the garden for 1-2 hours to walk the dog. The rest of the time he worked.

“During his stay in Berlin, Hitler maintained an appearance of optimism and confidence in the victory of Germany,” — notes Baur.

He also adds that Hitler was reassured by talk not about the war, but also by the discussion of plans for the development of Germany. He spent hours looking at models of houses for Berlin, Munich and Hamburg. Such peace talks against the backdrop of the deteriorating position of Germany, according to Baur, he and others took as a positive sign that “things are not so bad now that Hitler is concerned with the future” <…> and that we cannot lose the war.

Baur noted that many then had the impression that Hitler had some secret weapon in reserve “like the atomic bomb or the death rays of heavenly power.” . It turned out later that it was all a bluff, Baur recalls. 

In addition, by the time the Russian troops entered the Oder River (January 1945 — ed. note) and the activation of the Western Front high-ranking SS men began to flee the country. However, Hitler himself did not want to leave Berlin, despite persuasion.  ;

April 29, Baur learned that Hitler forced Goebbelsto marry him to Eva Braun. And in the evening of April 30 In 1945, the Fuhrer summoned the pilot to his place and said that he wanted to say goodbye to him. Gave a portrait of King Frederick as a keepsake, written by Rembrandt

Information on the arrested G. Baur. December 13, 1945. Photo: FSB archive

Only then did the pilot understand Hitler's intentions. According to his testimony, he tried to dissuade him from committing suicide, but Hitler insisted that “the soldiers could not and would not hold out any longer,” he too could not “bear it any longer.” Hitler also said that the Russians could capture him alive by using sleep gas.

“He is very old and haggard. His hands were trembling, it was clear to me that he had made the final decision to commit suicide, — written by Baur.

After meeting with Hitler, Baur destroyed his papers and prepared to leave the office. About two hours after talking with Adolf Hitler, he returned to the bomb shelter to collect his gift. It was then that he learned that the leader of Nazi Germany was already dead. He committed suicide.

On the same day, Baur escaped from the Fuhrerbunker. Two days later, he was detained by a Russian patrol near the Stettin railway station, according to the pilot's testimony. From the certificate of the arrested person, it follows that Hans Baur was sent to one of the camps near Moscow in the status of a prisoner of war. 

Where were the bodies of Eva Braun and Adolf Hitler found?

From eyewitness testimonies, it followed that Adolf Hitler and combined with the day before marriage Eva Braun committed suicide April 30 1945 of the year, and May 1 they were followed by Joseph Goebbels with his family.

On May 2, 1945, as part of the advancing units of the 1st Belorussian Front, military counterintelligence officers stormed the Reichstag and the Reich Chancellery with a  Fuhrerbunker equipped in its yard. 

May 13, 1945 employees of the department of counterintelligence “Smersh” The burial place of the charred corpses of Hitler and Braun was discovered in the garden of the Reich Chancellery of the 79th Rifle Corps.

“Their authenticity was confirmed by numerous forensic medical examinations”, — FSB said.

Source of information: fsb.ru/fsb/history/archival_material/Baur.htm

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