Where is the grandmother now, who met the soldiers of the Armed Forces of Ukraine with a red banner?

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The grandmother, who became famous after she went to the Ukrainian military with the Banner of Victory, lives in the Kharkiv region. This is reported by &laquo ;Fifth channel» with reference to Telegram channels.

Earlier, there were rumors on the Web that a pensioner evacuated to Russia. It was reported that she moved to live with her daughter in Barnaul, however, the authorities of the Altai Territory denied this information. 

What is known about grandma?

It is reported that my grandmother's name is Anna, she lives with her husband in the Dvurechensky district of the Kharkov region, 12 kilometers from the border with the Russian Federation.

The Ukrainian military offered the elderly couple to evacuate to the territory controlled by Kyiv, but they were refused and explained to the military for a long time why they planned to stay at home.

In addition, Anna and her husband were not explained the procedure for evacuation. Due to their age, they can hardly move, and their neighbors in the village left on their own. According to Channel Five, the Ukrainian military advised the pensioners to leave, but they only allowed them to go to Kharkiv, and not “to the Russians.”

“Grandma refused the persistent demands for evacuation to Kharkov again. I stayed at home with my dogs and cats, — reports  Troika Telegram channel.

It is also noted that anti-tank hedgehogs are standing near the pensioners' house. This means that the Ukrainians can take the fight in this very place of the village.

What was grandma famous for?

A grandmother from Ukraine became widely known after she shamed the Ukrainian military who trampled on the Victory Banner of the Soviet army. The video of the pensioner's brave act quickly spread on the Web.

In its footage, you can see an elderly woman who went out to the Ukrainian military with a Soviet flag, believing that she was meeting Russian troops. She told the guests that she was waiting for them and “we prayed for you and for Putin, and for all the people.”

After these words, one of the soldiers gave the woman a bag of food with the words: “This is for you for the Russian peace and for Putin. At first, my grandmother refused, saying that the military needed food more, but then she nevertheless agreed to help. At that moment, the soldier suddenly took the banner from her hands, said “Glory to Ukraine”, threw it on the ground and began to stomp it with his feet.

food back and said: “This is the banner with which my parents fought, and you stepped on. Give it back.

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