Who will be mobilized, who will not, and how much will they be paid? Defense Ministry clarifications

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The Ministry of Defense of Russian Federation has published a clarification for citizens on key issues related to partial mobilization in Russia. Aif.ru gives the main theses of the General Staff.

Who will be called up in the first place?

completing tasks — “these, of course, are shooters, tankmen, gunners, drivers, driver-mechanics.”

At the same time, as such, the order of conscription of citizens who are in the reserve has not been established. But  nevertheless priority is given to citizens with suitable military specialties, the department noted.

 One of the main factors is that citizens called up from reserve have combat experience» ;, — stressed in the Ministry of Defense.

The number of conscripts is determined by the regular needs of completed military units.

With what military ranks will they call for in the first place?

The Ministry of Defense reported that military specialties are in priority, and not military ranks.

« At the same time, within the partial mobilization, citizens with both officer ranks and the ranks of privates and sergeants» will be called up.

What age limits are set in the partial mobilization?

In in accordance with Russian legislation, the following are subject to mobilization conscription:

  • private and sergeants — at under 35 years;
  • junior officers — up to 50 years;
  • senior officers — up to 55 years.

Will will women be drafted?

There are positions that can be filled by women who have the appropriate military specialties.  these include, for example, medical workers, the department noted.

At the same time, the Ministry of Defense emphasized that the need for such specialists is minimal.

What legal grounds will be taken into account in military commissariats for exemption from partial mobilization?

In in accordance with 

  • the so-called reserved citizens (the include workers of defense enterprises);
  • citizens declared temporarily unfit for military service due to health reasons;
  • citizens with four and more dependent children under 16 years of age;
  • citizens engaged in constant care of a family member or disabled people of group I;
  • those whose mothers, in addition to them, have four or more children under the age of eight years and bring them without a husband .

“The number of called-up citizens from the reserve, will not exceed 1% of the total number of mobilization manpower”, — noted in the  Ministry of Defense.

Will will they call up military pensioners or pensioners of other departments where military service is provided?

If a military pensioner, regardless of belonging to law enforcement agencies, is in  retired (over 65 years of age or due to health reasons) and removed from military registration, he is not subject to conscription for mobilization, clarified in department.

Will the employees of the military-industrial complex be called in?

Citizens of important industrial enterprises, organizations and government bodies, reserved in accordance with the established procedure for organizations, receive the right to deferred, in accordance with paragraph 1 of Article 18 of the Federal Law “On” mobilization training and “mobilization in” the Russian Federation.Quotas by the number of conscripts reserved for regions and organizations are not set. But based on the volume of the existing mobilization manpower reserve, “each subject of the Federation has been assigned a separate task for the delivery of mobilization resources.” It certainly depends on the  nbsp;nbsp;nbsp;number of people who are registered by the military, the department added.

Will will they call those who are outside Russia?

Those who permanently live outside of Russia and not registered military, are not subject to conscription to military service for mobilization. And those who left for a short time and at their place of residence in Russia is on registration of the military, they can be drafted, the Russian Ministry of Defense reported.

What special benefits and monetary allowance are provided for citizens, called from reserve?

Citizens called up for military service by mobilization receive status, payments and all social guarantees as contracted military servicemen, said in a statement.

Will families be able to receive the allowance of a mobilized family member?

As the Ministry of Defense explained, a citizen called up for mobilization will receive monthly:

  • monetary allowance in accordance with  with salary according to military rank and position,
  • various allowances related to service conditions;
  • and also insurance payments in accordance with FZ "On   ;compulsory state insurance of life and  health of a serviceman».

Money funds will be credited to the personal account of a serviceman, and at his will can be fully or partially transferred to members of his family, noted in the General Staff.



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