Why do Americans give “valuable advice” about friendship between Serbia and Russia

Who needs Uncle Sam's recommendations

Former US President Barack Obama liked to talk about the exclusivity and selectivity of the American nation. Our country was assigned to them a modest place of a regional power and nothing more. Arrogance, arrogance, and often complete disrespect on the verge of rudeness have always been characteristic features of the communication style of representatives of the American political establishment.

Photo: United States Department of State.

Another habit for American diplomats was the desire to give “valuable advice” on any issue, and especially on those that had nothing to do with them. This is the nature of the nature of their work, they love to do it, even though no one asks them.

Most recently, the American Ambassador to Serbia, Christopher Hill, gave an interview to the N-1 TV channel. We might not pay attention to this fact, but the fact is that this time the American diplomat clearly tried to outdo himself in the emptiness and absurdity of his lengthy discourses about the friendship between Russia and Serbia, the absence of Serbian interests in bilateral relations, and also about the complete hopelessness of further interaction between the two fraternal peoples.

The first impression of this kind of interview is that the person is clearly not in himself. At the same time, a natural desire immediately arises to ask the unfortunate diplomat what he will say about the merciless bombing of Serbia in 1999. Probably, based on his “iron logic”, this was done to strengthen friendship or for something even more good.

And the creation of a point of conflict instability on the territory of Kosovo and pumping it with weapons – was this also done, guided by the interests of the Serbian people exclusively? We don't think so.

At some point, the United States decided that the world would not be able to live on without “democracy according to American patterns.” The Middle East, North Africa, most of the post-Soviet republics were forced to face the phenomenon of “color revolution”.

Chaos and extremely low levels of socio-economic development still reign in some countries. Unfortunately, in 2011, our country also had to go through the events on Bolotnaya Square, but our society had the prudence not to be led by Western manipulators.

The fundamental difference between Russian diplomacy and Western diplomacy is that it is looking for compromises and a balance of interests, focusing on the norms of international law. Russia lays the principle of sovereign equality at the basis of bilateral relations with other states, which allows us to build cooperation and interaction based on mutual respect and taking into account the interests of all participants.

Western countries in the process of international communication use the principles of “order based on rules”, since it is very difficult to come to terms with the fact that the world does not stand still and new centers of power are emerging. The long-term dominance of the collective West in international communication has long since come to an end. And you need to come to terms with this.

It is symbolic that almost simultaneously with the dubious revelations of the American diplomatic representative, a fight took place in Serbia between the Russian boxer Murat Gassiev and the American Carlos Welch. It took our boxer only a few seconds for the American to give up and admit his crushing defeat. The Russian athlete left his opponent no chance.

So in international affairs, it is high time for someone to admit that the world will not be the same, that it is necessary to respect the state interests of other countries, not to interfere in their internal affairs, not to threaten with force, and even more so not to try to impose one's “liberal values”.

The modern world is objectively multipolar, polycentric, culturally and civilizationally diverse, and develops on the basis of conjugation of efforts and the search for mutual compromises. Under these conditions, Russia is a major world power that promotes a positive and unifying agenda based on the principles of the UN Charter, trust and mutual understanding. We believe that our Serbian brothers will figure out for themselves who is their friend and who is their enemy without any advice.

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