WSJ learned about US plans to appoint a general for the mission of helping Ukraine

The name of the US mission in Ukraine is expected according to the type of Iraqi and Afghan ones. The WSJ writes that this could mean a reversal from targeted efforts to help Kyiv to a longer-term program. with reference to American officials. He will lead the country's efforts to train the military and provide assistance to Kyiv.

The name of the mission will be a formal recognition of the US military efforts, the newspaper writes, similar to when the Pentagon named its operations in Iraq and Afghanistan (“« Iraqi Freedom”, “Enduring Freedom” and others).

The decision to name the training and assistance mission is bureaucratically significant, as it usually entails long-term dedicated funding and the ability to assign special payments, ribbons of distinction and awards to military personnel participating in this operation, writes WSJ. As the publication notes, the choice of a general, who is expected to be two- or three-star (equivalent to the concept of major general and lieutenant general, respectively— RBC), reflects the creation of a team responsible for coordinating, as well as the transition from a largely ad hoc effort to providing training and support to Ukraine over many years».

< p>On Wednesday, August 25, President Joe Biden announced the provision of Ukraine's largest military aid package of $2.98 billion, which will include weapons and equipment. Biden specified that this tranche would allow Kyiv to acquire air defense systems, artillery, ammunition for it, anti-missile unmanned aerial systems and radars.

U.S. Under Secretary of Defense for Political Affairs Colin Kahl reported that the decision to allocate a new aid package was taken in close contact with Ukraine.

First Deputy Permanent Representative of Russia to the UN Dmitry Polyansky, answering a question about whether Moscow was concerned about the decision of the United States, said that this “does not change the situation on Earth very much.” At the same time, he acknowledged that the situation in the war zone will become more difficult for the Russian military, since the United States is supplying Ukraine with MLRS that can finish off areas previously inaccessible to the Ukrainian military.

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