Young M.A – Kween (Freestyle)

Oh man, what’s wrong with these niggas man?
Motherfuckers thought they was gon’
They thought they was gon’ count me out man?
Like I ain’t a part of this shit
Like I ain’t go hard for this shit
Like I ain’t the god of this shit
Yeah, I said it
It’s MA
I know these niggas hating, but I inspire these niggas on the low man
I believe that shit
I inspire you niggas

Surprise motherfuckers
Open your eyes motherfuckers
M.A where you been?
It’s about time motherfucker
I just been on my grind like a motherfucker
I apologize
Now I’m back on these beats doing homicides
I was chasing money tryna make my commas rise
And I had to put that joy back in my momma’s eyes
Devil tried to bring me down but I don’t run, I rise
I bet if they was in my shoes they’ll probably run and hide
They don’t really want the truth they rather run with lies
You damn right I’m touching money and I’m touching lives
I got the crown too
I’m a queen, I’m who they bow to
If they wanna bring the beef, I bring the cow too
It’s Brooklyn, I run the town too
They hold me down, I hold them down too
A new year, so It’s round two
I can’t believe they tried to say I had a ghost writer
That’s like saying you drove a whip without no tires
That’s like saying you had it lit without no fire
Moral of the story is they all liars
Funny guys, bummy guys
I know Flex ‘gon spin this about 20 times
I’m up now with my watch on sunny side
Now all I see is carrots like a bunny’s eyes
I’m in that Audi real low like a druggies eyes
I’m still dwelling on the fact that I’m countrywide
Shout out to my VA niggas them my country guys
9 years, I was raised on the countryside
Now I’m 25 getting checks
Doing more, saying less
Working more, playing less
Giving more, taking less
I just wish niggas was focused more, hatin’ less
On the grind, waitin’ less
Being real, fakin’ less
You don’t sound believable they won’t believe in you
That’s why I really speak about what I really do
Yeah I’m hot but I keep it cool, humble shit
And I keep gorillas with me on some jungle shit
I carry Brooklyn on my shoulders on some duffel shit
This New York, we ain’t supposed to do that mumble shit
We don’t run we run shit
On some son you shit
M.A coming for they heads on some frontal shit
I’m back focused, money ain’t folding
Yeah I took a break, but I ain’t broken
They say, "I’m changing"
I say, "I’m growing"
And I say, "they all full of shit" like a colon
They talk about me like they past perfect
Like they present pretty, like they future flawless
Like this world ain’t got drug addicts and alcoholics
Rapists, robbers, dealers, murder, extortion
Like me being gay is so fucking important
We all sinnin’ nigga, I don’t give a fuck what you call it
The only man that can judge me is the man above
Too much hate y’all need to open up a can of love
How you mad man? Somebody give that man a hug
Saying I’m a thief somebody must’ve hand them drugs
They thought OOOUUU was the only thing I had for ’em
They thought I ain’t have something in the stash for ’em
I see a crown damn right I’ma grab for it
Where I’m from, we just take it we don’t ask for it
On my way to success I got a map for it
And for my dreams, yup, I’m still running laps for it
You can see it in my eyes, it’s still hunger there
I’m still looking to the sky ’cause my brother there
Went from stashing OCs in my underwear
To 2016 being my fucking year
Now I’m back here another year
And I see more haters, but you looking in your account and it’s nothing there
Don’t get mad, get money, get on your grizzy
I don’t respond to you niggas because I’m busy
My eyes low because I’m tipsy sipping that Don Pizzy
Had to chill on that Henny for my my liver and kidneys
Hair still frizzy
Loud still pissy
How much we get for a show? Between 40 and 60
Independent at my own label
At my own table and I’m so grateful
What don’t break you make you
So to them motherfuckers throwing stones, thank you

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