Your other people’s children. How to live if the child was replaced in the maternity hospital?

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The Regional Court of Chelyabinsk decided to pay women whose children were mixed up in a maternity hospital 40 years ago, 2 million rubles each. And for so much same — children themselves.

A year ago, the fact of the replacement of babies was confirmed by genetic examinations. Then the same mothers filed lawsuits. But the court of first instance refused to satisfy the demands. And regional compensated moral damage partially — women asked for  10 million…

How the families of Vasily Baimurzina and Valentina Baulina lived these 4 decades? And how they live now — with a confirmed fact of substitution, realizing that the fate of the daughters could have turned out differently? And & nbsp; one more, maybe the most important, question: how could newborns, in principle, be confused? One — Slavic, fair. Another, swarthy, was conceived in a Bashkir family. The protocols for  reception of babies and their stay in maternity hospital are clearly defined and all personnel must be worked out. Key phrase: “should be.” But    it does not always work out as it should. 

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Alena and Gulsina, who were born on July 29, 1982, were confused in the Kizil maternity hospital. Frame from the talk show “DNA”, NTV channel.

Neighbors whispered, husband beat

Alyona and Gulsina, who were born on July 29, 1982, in the Kizilsky maternity hospital, for many years they were tormented by doubts: do they live with their relatives? But  if the Baimurzins adored the blue-eyed blonde Gulsina, who did not look like a Bashkir (Husband Vasily also had a bright daughter in his first marriage), then Valentina, who returned home with black-eyed brunette Alyonka, fell into a flurry of indignation — the husband and mother-in-law did not want to accept the newborn, they accused Valentina of all mortal sins (the eldest girl in the family was bright). The husband beat Valya, kicked him out of the house. And & nbsp; until & nbsp; the end of his days, he believed that his wife had worked up a child. With and died. Didn wait for the moment of truth and the second father.

Both families lived within a few tens of kilometers from each other. Neighbors whispered that Alena and  Gulsina did not look like their parents. The girls themselves, having matured, tried to extort the truth from their mothers. Vasily was so distressed by these questions that she had a heart attack. And a few years later, friends told Gulsina that in the neighboring village, Russian parents had a daughter — Bashkir. Gulsina found Alena, she brought her home to her mother. And Valentina remembered how in the maternity hospital she noticed a dark-skinned woman feeding a fair girl … Everything became clear to everyone. But even when DNA tests showed 99.99% that Gulsina — Valentina's daughter, and Alena gave birth to Vasil, the latter did not want to believe that she had raised someone else's child. “You my daughter!” — she kissed Gulsina in tears.

Alena and  Gulsina, who were born on July 29, 1982 , were confused in Kizilsky maternity hospital. Frame from the talk show “DNA”, NTV channel.

History has greatly undermined the health of women. Everyone started having heart problems, insomnia, depression. In the end, the mothers resigned themselves to their fate and were able to make friends, as did the daughters. But for Alena and Gulsina it became a matter of honor to prove to the villagers that Valentina didn cheat her husband. They turned to television to hear the truth from the screen. Although, even having received 2 million rubles, women believe that no amount of money is able to compensate for negligence and deception, which radically changed their life.

Another case — a Russian and Chechen family raised other people's sons for almost two years, until AnnaI didn't accidentally stumble upon the maternity hospital tag and did not saw the last name of Zaremaon it. Anna found Zarema, but the latter refused to believe in the substitution. Genetic examinations and trials began. The boys were not only returned to their families, but and changed their names. The fact that the children are small played a role. Often, however, parents do not want to expose their children to stress, as was the case in Kopeysk of the same Chelyabinsk region.

In 1998, Ira and&nbsp were born here on the same day ;Anya. And after 12 years, mother Yulia found out that Ira was not her daughter. The fact was discovered when Yulia decided to collect alimony from ex-husband Aleksey, and he refused to recognize the relationship with daughter. A DNA test showed that Ira — Not the native child of Yulia and Alexey… The search for Ira's parents and biological daughter began. It turned out that the Russian Anya ended up in a Muslim family and she was preparing for an early marriage. A Muslim by blood Ira was baptized in Orthodoxy. The couples gently conveyed the news to the children and assured that everything would remain as before. Except now every girl has a "sister" and "second pair" parents.

Carelessness, inexperience, negligence… But occasionally, nurses purposely change the tags on babies hands: will the mother guess that the child is not her? Well, it's a gamble. Similar to a horror movie.

And the pediatrician twisted at the temple

Sometimes mothers still in the maternity hospital suspect substitution, but due to embarrassment or fear, they do not dare to ask a question or at least unfold the diaper, to view the tag. And and how in the euphoria of the birth of a child thinking about the fact that someone might confuse your little blood with someone?!

In 1979  in in the village of Tambovka, Amur Region . on one-day birth Olga Fedoseeva and Tatiana Titarenko. For three days Olga was brought to feed one baby, and on the fourth day they brought… another. “It's not mine!” — mother was outraged. And then she found her in the next room. With a strange woman. But their own child was not given to her. Ironically, five years later Olga and Tatyana turned out to be housemates and, sitting in the sandbox with children, realized that each was raising someone else's child. Shock, tears, incomprehension of how to live on…

The question which nobody answers why Olga's son, who was born weighing 3400 g and height 57 cm, then suddenly “decreased” up to 2700 g and 51 cm? And & nbsp; with & nbsp; the son of Tatyana, the opposite happened. By  discharge, the newborn really loses weight — everyone who has given birth knows this. But with growth, such metamorphoses does not happen!

In the end, the couples left everything as it was, but decided: if something irreparable happens to someone, the child will be taken away by the “second” ones. parents. And the guys themselves overheard the truth from adults. In 3 months, Roman and Andrey will turn 43 years they have their own families and children. Things are good. There’s one thing men don’t know: would they want their destinies to turn out differently?

Unfortunately, even in the age of high technology, baby swapping still takes place. In 2013, at the maternity hospital of Naberezhnye Chelny at at twoLyudmila Alexandrovnawere given a caesarean section at the same time. Trofimova almost immediately suspected something was wrong: her girl weighed 2800 g, and two hours later — already 3300 & nbsp; The head pediatrician almost twirled her head when the mothers questioned whether the children were mixed up. Anya and Aishatfound themselves in strange families. But women didn reconcile the situation — did a DNA test in one family, then a crossover. It wasn't easy to fight. However less a few months later Dubaevaand Trofimova received new certificates from maternity hospital, documents with new names for daughters. And the daughters themselves, returned to their biological parents. After that, they went to & nbsp; one ward of the children's hospital in order to get used to & nbsp; their own babies. And  after all, sometimes after examinations and courts, mothers want to keep both children for themselves and can come to a peace agreement. A separate saga — substitution and separation of twins, twins. When siblings get to know each other decades later. As happened with Ulyana and Xenia from Perm, where one grew up in love, and the other — in orphanage and on the street.

Today, in many medical institutions, with a favorable outcome of childbirth, babies are immediately given to mothers, portraits of newborns fly over the network to fathers and grandmothers. It seems like how not to notice the substitutions? How to confuse native blood with someone else's? However, the advice “trust, but” verify up-to-date and now. In & nbsp; social networks, for example, experienced mothers teach: do not neglect the good old green. Put a label on the baby…

By the way, “They were mixed up in the hospital” – such a series was shot in America several years ago. It was on TV for 5 seasons. But this topic is relevant not only in the United States and Russia. Cases of substitution occurred in the Czech Republic and Poland, Germany and Argentina. And the largest compensation in such cases was the amount of 339 thousand euros for each of the three families in which triplets were separated in a Warsaw hospital (two are twins). They met by chance 17 years later…

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