Zakharova called the words of Trump and Gore about gender and democracy a “revolution”

Zakharova: Trump and Gore's words about two genders and the collapse of democracy are revolutionary ” alt=” Zakharova called Trump and Gore's words about gender and democracy a “revolution” />

Donald Trump

Former US Vice President Al Gore's statement about “broken democracy” and the words of former head of the White House Donald Trump about having only two genders are revolutionary, Russian Foreign Ministry spokeswoman Maria Zakharova said in her Telegram.

“Amazing. Gore— democrat. Trump— from the Republicans. Both simultaneously declared two revolutionary things for the USA: American democracy is destroyed, and there are only two genders— male and female. They began to guess about something, probably»,— she wrote.

On July 24, Trump said that there are only two genders in the world— female and male. “The difference between our movement and the forces we are fighting could not be more obvious. <… > They believe in leftist gender ideology and poisonous critical race theory. We believe in the existence of two genders— there are men and there are women»,— he said during a speech at a student summit in Florida.

In June 2021, already under Democratic President Joe Biden, the US authorities announced the choice of a non-binary gender X when applying for a passport. Since April of this year, all American citizens have received the right to choose.

In turn, Gore, in an interview with NBC News on July 23, said that American democracy is collapsing, so the country is not able to protect its own citizens from shootings in schools or climate change. “We have a minority government,” — said the politician.

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