Zelensky’s wife on the cover of a fashion magazine angered the Americans

The West began to get tired of the PR of the presidential couple

After a ostentatious photo shoot in Vogue magazine, Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky and his wife Olena came under scathing criticism from Western politicians and the media. The PR campaign of the Zelensky couple began to look so frivolous that now even Americans can doubt the sincerity of Kyiv's words and actions.

Elena Zelenskaya with the Bidens during a visit to the US Photo: AP

The fairly well-known American magazine The Federalist reacted to the latest photo session with Zelenskaya. Ellie Reynolds, assistant editor of the magazine, believes that such “glossy Vogue pictures” will only cause bewilderment among US citizens. Money from the taxes of inflation-suffering Americans to Ukraine goes in an endless stream, and the Ukrainian president, instead of doing business, is photographed with his wife, while Ukrainians are forced to endure all the hardships and hardships of the situation that has developed because of him.

< p>Some ordinary Vogue readers were also outraged by the latest pictures of the Zelensky couple. To the Western public, they seemed frankly staged and pretentious. “After the collapse of the twin towers, could a Ukrainian photographer photograph the US president and his wife in aesthetic poses in front of the ruins?” asked one of the indignant social media commentators.

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